Growth-Driven Website Redesign

From conception and strategy to design and implementation, IMPACT helps you launch a beautifully-designed, data-driven, and mobile-friendly website on either HubSpot or Wordpress that’s easy-to-navigate, compelling, and built for conversions.
Hubspot IMPACT Award Winners
Website Design of the Year
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Web development team
specializing in:

Hubspot IMPACT Award Winners
Website Design of the Year
COS Innovators of the Years

Web development team
specializing in:

Your New Website Will Be Fully Optimized For:

Conversions & Lead Generation

Guide your users through their journey and convert them into leads and sales with strategically placed calls-to-action.

User Experience
User Experience

Give your users what they want! Show them the right content at the right time to achieve higher conversion rates and quality leads.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engines

Rank higher and get found in search engines via extensive on-page and off-page optimization.


Fast load times are critical to a great user experience, ensuring they can get information in a timely manner, and improve the overall SEO of your website.

Responsive Design
Cross-Browser and Multi-Device Functionality

Deliver a consistent experience for your users across mobile devices and browsers. This ensures that our strategized designs will perform reliably no matter what browser or device they visit your site from.

Maximize HubSpot Investment

Providing your users with a secure experience is essential to building trust. By enabling an SSL on your website, you’ll gain a small boost to SEO and show users that they information is safe, giving them comfort when converting.

Need Something Crazy? We’ve Got You.

Site Personalization

Site personalization helps give context in their journey by delivering a relevant message to your user depending on their persona and stage in the funnel, leading to increases in quality conversions.

A/B Testing (aka Split Testing)

Split testing your copy and designs will allow you and your team to determine the best messaging and layout for your specific audience. Data gathered during A/B Testing will be documented to help inform future designs and content.

Complex Integrations

Your team will assist in planning and developing integrations that allow you to have information flow between vital platforms and keep all systems up to date with the correct user data. Typical integrations include chat platform integrations, Salesforce integrations, and external form submission integrations.

Interactive Quizzes and ROI Calculators

Give your users the ability to “self-diagnose” themselves on your website by filling out an interactive quiz or calculator. Every quiz or calculator will be customized to your needs and branding and all of the information will be stored in your HubSpot database to help your marketing and sales teams.

When Beautiful Design Meets Functionality & Performance, It Looks Like This:

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People Doc
FTP Today
New York Enginneers

    The Proven Process

    1) Open the Conversation

    Before we even start working together, you’ll meet with Tom Discipio, CSO and partner of IMPACT, who will help you:

    • Understand your organization’s objectives
    • Define website redesign goals
    • Clearly define the scope of your web design project
    • Outline the “must-haves” of your new website
    2) Comprehensive Website Analysis

    Upon agreement, you’ll start working with an IMPACT team that includes a consultant, who will be your primary point of contact, a digital strategist, a web designer, and a web developer.

    You’ll be working with a team that has experience building websites of all sizes and complexities. They know what it takes to build a performance-driven website and how to make this a great experience for everyone.

    Before beginning your redesign, we’ll analyze your website by conducting qualitative & quantitative research from HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Hotjar to create fundamental assumptions.

    With our assumptions defined, IMPACT will hold a brainstorm meeting to finalize plans for the redesign, set goals, and outline exactly how we’ll help you achieve them.

    Included in the strategy phase is the following:

    • Website & Analytics Audit: Gaining a strong understanding of your website’s assets and areas for improvement is critical to building a conversion-focused website. Your team will run through a checklist to identify any SEO concerns, website assets, and areas vital to the user journey to ensure that they are translated to the new design.
    • Persona Research & Development: By researching your target audience and creating buyer personas, we’ll develop a strong understanding of what’s actually important to your customers and what’s not. Your team will help you understand the way they buy and create fundamental assumptions on which we’ll build your website from. These assumptions will be validated through user experience testing.
    • Fundamental Assumptions: During your persona review, we’ll brainstorm some assumptions regarding how your users typically engage with your website and brand, what pain points we think they have, and what issues they’re encountering.  By documenting fundamental assumptions, we’ll have testable items that will dictate the direction of your page designs and ensure we are creating the best user journey and experience possible.
    • User Testing: The goal of user experience research is to validate our fundamental assumptions, increase our understanding of your personas, and generate ideas on how to improve the buyer journey. To do this, we’ll conduct qualitative research via questionnaires, observational research through heatmaps, clickmaps and session recordings, as well as quantitative research, using HubSpot and Google Analytics.
    • Brand Identity & Messaging: Having a clear brand message helps build trust with your users, and let them know they’re in the right place to have their problems solved. You’ll work with our team to ensure we have a clear message that supports the vision for your brand.
    • Information Architecture: Creating the architecture of your website or a sitemap, helps to ensure we have all the necessary pages users required to continue their journey.
    • Wireframe Creation: Wireframes are the foundation of website designs. This is where we’ll create the layouts of each website and strategize the elements that will help your users through their journey.

    3) Bringing Your Website Redesign to Life

    From here, your team’s graphic designer will turn these insights into high fidelity mockups. Once approved, your team's web developer will craft your website using our custom-built internal framework.

    Our framework is built with industry best practices and optimized for quick load times, cross browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, and gives us improved efficiency during development.

    Before launch, IMPACT will ensure that all website pages follow on-page SEO best practices and ensure everything is in proper working order. Your website will then be monitored for continuous optimization.

    Included in the build phase is the following:

    • Site Design: High fidelity mockups of your website pages that align us on what design elements will improve your user journey, conversions, and give the right information at the right time.
    • Content Creation: Remarkable content is paramount to a successful website. Your team will work with you to generate persuasive copy to help guide your users on the website, making sure to steer them towards conversion points along the way.
    • Development: Your team build your website from the approved high fidelity mockups. The website will be built using our optimized framework to ensure a fast development turnaround following industry best practices.
    • QA: Rest assured that your site will launch without any bugs. By performing a full Quality Assurance, including cross-browser testing and mobile device testing we’ll ensure your users have a flawless experience leading them to convert easily.
    • Launch
    • Post Launch Support: We often get asked, “What happens after launch if something goes wrong?” We’ve got you! We support all of our sites post-launch to ensure a seamless hand off to your team. If you have any questions we’re only an email or phone call away!
    4) Continuous Improvement (Growth Driven Design)

    Websites are never “finished,” they must continuously evolve to meet changing user needs, habits, and trends. By utilizing a Continuous Improvement cycle, we’re able to update your site based on real user data so it never becomes dated and stale.

    The continuous improvement cycle is simple: Plan, Build, Learn, Transfer. 

    • Plan: By reviewing real user data from your newly-launched site, we’ll see where updates can be made to improve the user journey and experience even further. Utilizing heatmaps, clickmaps, scrollmaps, and recordings. You’ll see exactly how your users engage with page elements, what’s working and what’s not.
    • Build: Your team will add the planned updates to your website following industry best practices. Once these updates have been made, in a timely manner, you’ll be able to test the efficacy of the changes and how it’s impacting the user journey and experience.
    • Learn: Now that updates have been implemented, we’ll begin gathering user data again. This information will give us insight into what helps your audience make more educated, speedy decisions to get through their journey faster, leading to more conversions and sales.
    • Transfer: Transferring the data we’ve uncovered from the cycle and documenting it is critical to properly improving your website. This will ensure we have a running log of what resonates with your users and what doesn’t, so we don’t repeat any non-beneficial activities and only focus on those that improve your traffic or conversions.
    "Within two weeks of launching our new website & campaigns, we exceeded our sales goals. I initially turned to IMPACT because they came highly recommended from HubSpot…[and] the team...was even better than I had hoped."

    David Meerman Scott

    Marketing Strategist, Author, and Speaker

    How Much Does IMPACTs Website Redesign Cost?

    The cost of a website design depends on the size and complexity of your new site. An average website redesign is between $20,000 and $40,000 while smaller, simple website redesign projects are typically between $15,000 to $20,000.

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