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IMPACT Live 2017 is a two-day, invite-only experience where leaders grow and make valuable connections while actually having a good time.

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Event Date:
August 1st - August 2nd
Event Location:
The Society Room
31 Pratt Street, Hartford CT 06103
Presented by:
IMPACT Branding & Design The Sales Lion

What You’ll Experience at IMPACT Live

Sales and Marketing Leader Conference



August 1st, 2017
August 2nd, 2017
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Registration Opens / VIP Breakfast


Opening Remarks


Inbound 2.0: Why the Inbound of Yesteryear is Dead...and What We Must Do About It

Yep, Inbound Marketing as we know it has changed. A lot. And in this opening session, Marcus Sheridan will take a frank look at where we were, where we are, and the vision we must all share going forward to make Inbound an intricate part of our businesses for years to come.

Marcus Sheridan Marcus Sheridan


What’s Working Today

As we kickoff IMPACT Live ‘18, Bob will walk you through the 6 areas of marketing and sales that if you’re not focusing on right now, you’re falling behind.

Bob Ruffolo Bob Ruffolo




[Now Live] A Dive Into Front-Office Technology You’re Probably Not Taking Advantage Of

Every year, we spend thousands of dollars on software to help run our businesses better. And every year, we find ourselves wondering, “am I getting all the value I could be out of these platforms?” HubSpot is no exception. That’s why we’re going to talk tools to start using that will actually move the marketing, sales and service needles.

Carina Duffy Carina Duffy


How Privacy, Consent and GDPR Will Impact the Future of Marketing

Stephanie Casstevens Stephanie Casstevens


How IMPACT is Going Conversational: Are Bots Better Than Forms?

When IMPACT first started with conversational strategy, it felt like a completely new way of marketing, selling, and supporting. However, with time it became increasingly clear that conversational isn’t really a new concept at all. In fact, a small shift in perspective changed how we built relationships with meaningful results.

So, everyone wants to know, “Are bots really better than forms?” Hint: I think we’re asking the wrong question. Together, we’re going to explore a different question that will help you close more business and generate raving fans.

Kyle Bento Kyle Bento


A Deep Dive into HubSpot’s 2018 Marketing Strategy

Kyle Bento Kipp Bodnar



Provided for All Inclusive and VIP registrants only.


We're All Media Companies: Why We Need to Care About Video NOW

The stats are mind-boggling. The trend is irreversible. And just as every true business needed to accept having a website by the year 2005, we are now in the same place for businesses embracing video as the core media by which they communicate and earn trust with their customers. In this session, Marcus Sheridan will not only back up why this trend is so significant, but he'll also explain exactly what he's seeing companies do to truly build themselves into media powerhouses-- regardless of size and budget.

Marcus Sheridan Marcus Sheridan


The Formula to Great Marketing and Sales Videos

Why is it some companies are radically successful with video, while others aren’t? More often than not, it’s not because of poor quality content, but lackluster delivery -- but don’t be intimidated. In this session, we’ll share a simple, but essential video marketing formula that will grab your viewer, keep them watching, and most importantly, convert views into leads.

Zach Basner Zach Basner


How to Use Video to Fast Forward Marketing and Sales Now

Video is one of the hottest trends in modern marketing and sales. Not only does it convert well, but it opens up new opportunities to establish more personal, engaging and emotional connections with your buyers and prospects. Join Vidyard's VP of Marketing to learn why video is so irresistible for today's audiences and how to use it effectively throughout the customer lifecycle to accelerate business growth without blowing your budget. Walk away with actionable insights on how to get started with video, how to maximize the value of each video asset, and how to use viewer engagement data to better understand and qualify your buyers.

Tyler Lessard Tyler Lessard


3 Ways IMPACT is Crushing it With Video in Sales

If you weren't already pumped about going all-in on video before... you should be now! Take the next step to leveling-up your video game by going on a journey with me as we explore some of the key ways IMPACT has used video to change the world of "sales." Don't sell without seeing this!

Tom Discipio Tom DiScipio




IMPACT’s Publisher Vision and Our Ever Changing Website

What if you could transform your company’s marketing department from a cost center to a revenue generator? Join IMPACT’s VP of Marketing for an inside look at our vision for the future of marketing and learn why we’re going beyond simply creating content and campaigns aimed at generating leads, to driving value for a broader audience through content, events, and education. We’ve fully embraced the notion that “we are all media companies” and in this session, you’ll learn exactly why you should too!

Kathleen Booth Kathleen Booth


Advanced, Yet Super Simple, Techniques to Improve Your SEO

Does the voice in your head tell you that something may be wrong with your SEO, but you just can't put your finger on it? Do terms like Rank Brain, Hummingbird, Machine learning, and 'technical' SEO make you want to hide under your landing pages? Fear not. We'll show you critical basics every website should have (or needs to fix) to rank better and boost traffic. These are the same factors IMPACT used to boost their rate of growth by 40% in 2017 and beyond. And better yet, you won't need a scientific calculator for the session!

Franco Valentino Franco Valentino


What are Featured Snippets and How to Master Them

Until recently, getting to position #1 in search engine results was the holy grail of inbound marketing. Now, Google has introduced featured snippets - effectively creating a “position zero.” Learn why owning the featured snippet is so important, how to dominate position zero, and what impact it will have on your traffic and leads as the future of search continues to evolve.

Kathleen Booth Kathleen Booth


[Steal this Campaign] Three Leads, One Form.

It's never just about the sheer quantity of leads you get, but the type of leads you get. The problem is, it's SUPER hard to identify optimal leads without killing front end conversions. In this talk, Justin Rondeau will share EXACTLY how they overcame this lead issue on their landing pages and were able to identify DigitalMarketer's best customers without sacrificing front end conversions. On top of this, he'll share the exact backend workflow and email copy so you can implement this in your business TODAY.

Justin Rondeau Justin Rondeau


A Website Throwdown Case Study, What Happens Before & After?

Creating an optimized website that drives conversions is hard work. Get insight into what results user focused improvements to your website can generate. If you’re interested in having your website A/B tested and presented as a case study, fill out the form here. We’ll present your results during this session - the good, the bad, and the in-between!

Christine Austin Christine Austin

Vin Gaeta Vin Gaeta




Why Great Content Will ALWAYS Matter and How to Get Lasting Results

Gurus love to spout off about the supposed "death of content marketing." Yes, there is a lot of content out there these days. LOTS. But does that mean it's no longer possible to stand out? Should businesses consider other strategies? In this frank discussion, Marcus Sheridan gets real about why great content matters more than ever, and what organizations must do to stand out over the course of time.

Marcus Sheridan Marcus Sheridan


Why Pillar Content Is the Future & How It’s Working for IMPACT

Pillar content is more than a new type of ungated content. Along with topic clusters, it is the future of content architecture and a seismic shift in how marketers must build their content strategies to get found online. In this session, you’ll unlock the secrets of pillar content, and you’ll learn about the tools and tactics you need to be successful. You’ll also hear how IMPACT has implemented pillar content, and our top tips for seeing the best results.

Liz Murphy Liz Murphy


The Big, Bold, Brave New World of Marketing

In this fun, inspiring session, WSJ bestselling author and keynote speaker Ann Handley will counsel you on how your organization can become a storyteller, too. She’ll share actionable ideas for how you can create marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing - but instead feels like something people want. Value. And maybe… love. Let’s up our content game—because your audience demands it, and your business deserves it. Are you ready to be bolder and braver?

Ann Handley Ann Handley

6 - 9PM

Accelo Sponsored Happy Hour

Location: Connecticut Science Center, 250 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, CT 06103


Registration Opens / VIP Breakfast


Do Nothing, The Most Rewarding Leadership Challenge You Will Ever Take

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders struggle with stress and anxiety, a lack of quality sleep, work/life balance, health issues and more. Join Rob Dube as he gives a brief session on the value of mindfulness meditation and leads us into Day 2 of IMPACT Live with a short guided meditation.

Rob Dube Rob Dube


Neuroscience of Fandom

In a world of content overload, we greatly value true human connection. Learn how different physical distances from one person to another have a major impact on how emotionally significant our connections are and how this knowledge builds businesses.

David Meerman Scott David Meerman Scott


The Backstory Behind IMPACT Live and IMPACT Elite

So David just talked about the neuroscience of proximity, but how does it apply to marketing? In this session, David and Bob will discuss the importance community and the backstory behind IMPACT Live and IMPACT’s social community, IMPACT Elite.

Bob Ruffolo Bob Ruffolo

David Meerman Scott David Meerman Scott


Building and Maintaining an Engaged Online Community

In an age of bots, automation, and machine learning - it can be easy to lose the humanity in your marketing. A community can be a great way to be human and helpful while still leveraging your automation for good. Building a great community can seem overwhelming. Should you build a community on Facebook or Slack? How will you get the right people to join and, furthermore, how will you keep them engaged? Learn how to define your ideal community member and build an vibrant online community that will continue to grow and keep people coming back for more.

Stephanie Casstevens Stephanie Casstevens


Facebook & Instagram Ads: How to Integrate Into Your Inbound and 4 Awesome Examples

How do you approach your paid social ads? In this session, Ali will show you how using inbound methodology with Facebook and Instagram Ads can not only support your overall inbound marketing plan, but create massive results for LeadGen and Ecommerce. She’ll share examples of full funnel campaigns that consistently produce 40-60% conversion rates and one that even garnered an 18,400:1 Return on Ad Spend (no, that’s not a typo).

Ali Parmelee Ali Parmelee




What to Look for When Hiring High Performers

Learn how to identify the most valuable candidates to add to your team. From identifying the hallmarks of creativity to singling out high performers, find out what tools and processes you need to assess and screen applicants and separate the rock stars from the pack.

Stacy Willis Stacy Willis


The Hire Power: How Your Hiring Process Sets your Company up for Success

Revamping our hiring process at IMPACT dramatically lowered our turnover, increased our client success rate, contributed to our revenue growth, and transformed our culture. Is your hiring process doing the same? In this candid session, Natalie will walk you through the secret sauce behind our hiring process, and the results we’ve seen since implementing it.

Natalie Davis Natalie Davis


5 Things Every High-Performing Marketer Needs & Expects from Their Company

High-performing marketers, the kind that brings 10x value to their companies, careers, and their network is what every marketer strives to be and what every company needs to hire and retain. Britt Schwartz shares her experience of working alongside 10x marketers and the five things it takes to create an environment that fosters high-performance in marketing.

Britt Schwartz Britt Schwartz


Inbound Leadership

Leading a team or an organization is not an easy task; our mindset and our approach can greatly impact how effective we are as leaders. At IMPACT, we’ve adopted an inbound leadership model, as we’ve learned first-hand that the principles of inbound also apply to leadership, influencing how much we can empower our people to be successful. In this session, Chris will talk about how inbound applies to leadership, what inbound leadership is (and isn’t), and how we apply it at IMPACT.

Chris Duprey Chris Duprey




Sonic Branding

While most marketers understand visual branding with images, colors, logos, and the like as well as branding using the written word, very few of us understand that it is possible to create (and own the rights to) your own sounds and music that align perfectly with your brand attributes.

David Meerman Scott David Meerman Scott

Juanito Pascual Juanito Pascual


2018 Marketing AI Update: How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence in Inbound

Last year at IMPACT Live ’17, Paul gave one of the highest rated sessions titled “Cognitive Content Marketing: The Path to a More (Artificially) Intelligent Future” (which can we viewed here) where he shared the state of AI in marketing and how marketer’s could be taking advantage of AI now. But a lot changes in a year, and we’ve welcomed Paul back to prove a marketing AI update and share some new ways we can be implementing AI today.

Paul Roetzer Paul Roetzer


Marketing Tech: What's Now, What's Near and What's Not Anytime Soon?

These are exciting times for the marketing industry. Lots of change -- and lots of new technology. In this session Dharmesh (who is not used to talking about himself in the third person) will take a look at some of the hottest topics in MarTech -- and attempt to categorize them into things you should be doing something about now, trends you should be watching, and things you can safely just wait on.

Dharmesh Shah Dharmesh Shah


See you in 2019!

The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford

What’s So Special About The Society Room?

It doesn’t feel like you’re hanging out in an airport. This historic space isn’t too big or overwhelming like most event venues, which means you’ll have the intimate conversations you want with the people you want.

After our scheduled days have ended, explore downtown Hartford and its variety of bars and restaurants -- perfect for keeping the conversation going.

Need a hotel? The Hilton Hartford has rooms blocked out for the event at $159 per night. Please use this link to access the IMPACT Live rate.

What’s So Special About The Society Room?

It doesn’t feel like you’re hanging out in an airport. This historic space isn’t too big or overwhelming like most event venues, which means you’ll have the intimate conversations you want with the people you want.

After our scheduled days have ended, explore downtown Hartford and its variety of bars and restaurants -- perfect for keeping the conversation going.

The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford
The Society Room of Hartford

Tickets and Pricing

General Admission


$ 999

per ticket

VIP Admission


$ 1,399

per ticket

VIP Package Includes:
  • Premium seating
  • Open bar at pre-event happy hour
  • Raffle entry for a free website redesign or a free workshop with Bob Ruffolo & Marcus Sheridan
  • Guest blog opportunities on the IMPACT Blog
  • Signed books from Marcus Sheridan, David Meerman Scott, and Mark Roberge
  • 45 minute personal brainstorm session with an IMPACT strategist



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